Our instructors at YAY CLAY! are eager to help. Our knowledgeable team is proud to be able to offer the community a space in which to learn, create, and bring projects and ideas to fruition. Below is a list of our services we provide at YAY CLAY! If you are still not seeing what you need, chances are we can still assist you or know of other artists in the community that can help.


KILN RENTAL– Struggling to find a place to fire your work. Look no further. At YAY CLAY! we rent out all of our kilns and allow artists from across the country to bring artwork to us to fire. Have a studio at home, but no kiln. Not to worry. Let us fire for you. Also great news, we do not just fire clay, we also fire glass and other materials in our multiple kilns as well. Our digital, state of the art kilns allow us to safely fire glass and many other low and high fire materials. Our kilns are capable of firing any temperature varying from 0-2,350°F, degrees Fahrenheit (cone 10).

No project is too small or too large. Our clients over the years have included thousands (yes we said thousands) of independent artists, museums, galleries, NYC restaurants and much more.

Its SIMPLE! just drop off your work with us. wait 1 day, and pick up your finished fired work the next day already safely packed up and fired to perfection.

*We even have low fire/high fire glazes available in our studio for you to choose from and use. Simply pay the Glazing fee of $20/ hour and enjoy the food, oven, dishwasher, and mircrowave safe glazes we have for you to experiment with. 

With pricing starting at just $20 a kiln load we have kiln sizing to accommodate every artist needs. Our smaller test kilns are great for testing out experimental glazes, and our larger 40 cubic foot walk-in kilns can handle your largest pieces.

Ask about our rush firing service: Jump to the front of the firing que with super quick turnaround times. $65 for this service on top of firing cost.

BABY BEAR: $20 per firing: Our test, otherwise referred to as Baby Bear is priced at an affordable $20 per firing and is an excellent size for running your own glaze tests or firing small elements such as ceramic jewelry. We have many clients who are able to fit a decent amount of jewelry items in this kiln for each firing, and it can be fired all the way up to cone 10! inside dimensions are: 12-3/8” diameter by 12” high with 2.5” brick, 2.7 cubic feet.


MAMA BEAR: $20 kiln shelf, 45 half load/$85 full load: Our next size kiln is Mama Bear and is our digital L & L E23-t-3. She fires all the way up to cone 10 effortlessly thanks to her 3,5 inch insulated kiln brick and super solid construction and digital control box. The inside dimensions are: 22-3/8” diameter by 27” high with 3” brick, 6.7 cubic feet.


PAPA BEAR: $25 per kiln shelf, $65 half load/$120 full: Our largest kiln located in the Philadelphia studio is our workhorse. Papa Bear is capable is handling pieces as large as 28″ inches in diameter and 25 “inches tall. Capable of reaching cone 8 with multizone/level temperature control, PAPA BEAR, is the father of kilns. Let papa bear safely fire your next large batch of work.

Please remember that while YAY CLAY! Philadelphia is our flagship location, our Montclair, New Jersey location also houses 4 state of the art digital and gas kilns. Also At the Montclair location, we specialize in the practice of RAKU FIRING, HORSE HAIR FIRING and PIT FIRINGS.


CERAMIC DECAL PRINTING– Sometimes writing/drawing by hand are not viable options in order to get that level of detail and precision required for the job. If thats the case, then get your very own decals printed onto decal paper. FULL COLOR (CMYK). This state of the art and unique services used to be only available by placing large quantity orders from companies overseas and was extremely costly. The only other option was to purchase your very own ceramic printing equipment which costs upwards of 8-12 thousands dollars for the printers required. Good news though as YAY CLAY! now has you printing stunning 1200 DPI crisp color images. These are not sepia tone  images, but full color images.
Ideas for using Ceramic Decals: Print wedding photos onto wares. Custom Dinnerware. Custom Tiles. Print detailed lace or otherwise impossible designs not possible by hand. Print Logos. Print Business information onto Mugs. Advertise your brand. Design and create your next pattern and print.
Now for just $35 (plus shipping cost) you can have your very own ceramic decals printed.
Detailed Specs/Information provided below.
Image Requirements-
  • Size- 8” x 10.5” Maximum Print Size
  • TIF or PSD (Photoshop Document) Preferred, but high quality JEPG will work if necessary
  • Must be in CMYK Color Mode
    • In Photoshop: Image> Mode> CYMK Color


  • Please visit For a quick demo on this application process
  • Must be applied to clean, glossy surface
  • Cut out decal as close to image as possible without compromising image
  • Spray back of decal with water, wait at least a minute, longer depending on decal size
  • Spray glazed surface with water, slide decal with thumb and forefinger off of decal paper backing and onto the surface face up
  • Squeegee out water underneath decal with a soft rubber rib once in place ensuring there are no bubbles under the decal


  • $35 (YAY CLAY! members price)/sheet (8.5”x11”)
  • $45 (Non-Member pricing) /sheet (8.5″x11″)
    • Shipping Rates Vary By Location


$85 full kiln (fits typically 8-10 750ml bottles) $125 large kiln (typically fits 12-15 750ml bottles)  
Have you up-cycled today? Glass bottle slumping is becoming quite popular, possibly because you don’t even need to buy expensive glass, you can re-use the beer and wine bottles! Molds are an option that can be used to shape slumped bottles into spoon rests and dishes, or you can simply slump glass bottles flat, directly on the shelf to make trays. ( Use of our special shaped molds is $5 per bottle mold). We have a large variety of glass bottle slumping molds including small and large wine bottles, beer bottles, and double wine bottles. Here are some examples of the shapes you can make with our molds. Pricing is based on full kiln loads and not by the bottle. so if you can fit up to 100 smaller glass bottles in our kiln the price is still the same.
NOTE: All labels and stickers must be removed before bringing them to YAY CLAY! for firing. Bottles should also be completely dry and free of any moisture before being put inside the kiln.
Want us to do all the work? We regularly ship our own  unique slumped bottles directly to clients. We find the bottles, slump the bottles and ship the bottles directly to artisans. Pricing is based on uniqueness/rareness and size of bottles per order. Ask us about bulk shipping discounts.

*Did we mention we also offer kiln firing classes? Ever wanted to learn how the pro’s load the kilns and fire pieces to molten perfection? Ask us about our kiln firing/loading workshops. email us at