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YAY! You are moments away from scheduling your YAY CLAY! wheel throwing class. You can use your voucher towards any of our one hour or two-hour classes.

During your wheel throwing class, your instructor will guide you in making a ceramic project or your choice. Popular projects include cups, mugs, bowls, and small vases. By choosing a 2-hour session guests will have added time to create more elaborate projects (mugs with handles, as well as time for adding stamps and designs) plus enjoy the free arcade and other studio amenities longer. At the end of your class, your pieces will go on a shelf to dry out and will be fired in a kiln (ceramic oven).

Reminder: There is a $20 per person fee at the end of the wheel throwing class which covers the cost of all kiln firings and also covers your return visit for glazing.
Good to know: YAY CLAY! accepts expired coupons. So fear not, if its been months and you just found that awesome gift Uncle Bob gave ya, book now.

Your pieces will be ready for glazing (painting) 2 weeks after your wheel throwing class. The glazing session can be booked here. During the glazing session, you can choose from approximately 30 glazes that are safe for food, the microwave and the dishwasher. Glazing takes approximately 30-60 minutes per piece. Once the pieces are glazed, they need to be fired one more time.

Your piece will be ready for pick up two weeks from the date of your glazing session. Pick up can be scheduled here.

If you are unable to come back for glazing and/or to pick up your pieces, please give us a call to discuss your options.

YAY CLAY PRO TIP: You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Smocks/aprons are provided to keep guests clean. If a little clay gets on your clothes it comes right out with water.

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All the completed work in these photos were done by first time guests who have never thrown clay before. With little help from our skilled staff, these are typical results you can expect to create from a YayClay! class.



If you would like to schedule a weekend class (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) there is a two-hour minimum. The first hour is covered by your coupon and the second hour is just $25 per person. These classes can be booked 3-5pm or 7-9pm. – MOST POPULAR

Schedule a 2 hour weekend class (coupon and $25 per person)

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Most people join us for our 2-hour session. Your coupon covers the first hour, and the second hour is the same discounted price during the weekdays – just $19.50 per person. These 2-hour classes start at 7pm and end at 9pm.

Schedule a 2 hour weekday class (coupon and $19.50 per person)

Your coupon may be used to schedule a 1-hour class on a Monday at 5:45pm, or Wednesday, Thursday at 5 pm. Click below to schedule

Schedule a 1 hour weekday class

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