Artist: Keith Grabowsy

'Clay is my voice and for the past 15 years, I have been able to speak to my viewers by transforming these beautiful lumps of clay. My pottery is typically fired between the temperatures of 1,850 degrees and 2,350 degrees in either my downdraft gas kiln or my L and L electric kiln. When I am searching for surface decoration through glaze exploration I choose to fire in one of my custom built raku, wood, or salt kilns. It is during these ancient firing methods that I am able to explore surface texture and color in ways that are able to produce vastly different results on each piece. Sometimes each piece can be fired as many as 10 times to achieve the desired results. Even after all these years of firing kilns I still can't wait for each new kiln load to cool down so that I can see how the final pieces have turned out! I plan to continue to push my comfort levels of my medium so I am constantly trying and learning new techniques.'

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