Kiln Rental

We rent out all of our kilns to artists and clients who create pieces in their home studios and have us fire them. In addition to firing clay, we also fire glass, decals and metal. Our digital kilns are capable of firing up to 2,350 degrees F (cone 10). We also offer hundreds of tested low fire / high fire glazes for you to experiment with.

Ask about our rush firing service: Jump to the front of the firing queue with super quick turnaround times. $65 for this service on top of firing cost.


$20 per firing

  • Perfect for running glaze tests
  • Good for smaller loads of ceramic pieces
  • Can be fired up to cone 10
  • Inside dimensions are: 12-3/8” diameter by 12” high with 2.5” brick, 2.7 cubic feet


$20 per shelf, $45 half/$85 full

  • Digital Control box
  • Insulated kiln an be fired up to cone 10
  • Able to hold at 250 degrees for as long as needed
  • Can also get additional pre-heating for $5/pre-heat hour
  • The inside dimensions are: 22-3/8” diameter by 27” high with 3” brick, 6.7 cubic feet.


$25 per kiln shelf, $65 half kiln,$125 full load

  • Our largest kiln
  • Good for pieces as large as 28″ diameter and up to 27″ tall
  • Capable of reaching cone 8 with multizone/level temperature control.
  • The father of all kilns can safely fire your next large batch of work.

The prices indicated are for standard slow firing cycles. Any firings with special requirements such as ramp/ holds or customized program firings are subject to additional fees.

By choosing to fire with YAY CLAY! you shall indemnify and hold harmless YAY CLAY! for any pieces that may crack, break, blister, explode or that may merit any unsatisfactory result.