Kiln Rental

We rent out all of our kilns to artists and clients who create pieces in their home studios. In addition to firing clay, we can fire glass, decals and PMC. Our digital kilns are capable of firing up to Cone 6.

  • Cornelia Kietzman
    Best kiln repair experience we've ever had! Quick, responsive, thorough, personable, reasonably priced, knowledgeable. I sent an inquiry and got a call back almost immediately, and service that same day! The next time I contacted them, they responded immediately, and provided service the next business day! We will always use Yay Clay kiln service from now on here at Outlaw Arts (
  • Maggie Boyle
    I’m an at-home potter and I’ve started firing my bisque and glaze wear at Yay Clay - super efficient, easy going, and affordable. I was at first concerned about organisation but as anyone who has worked in a pottery studio before knows, it’s usually chaotic, and Yay Clay definitely has a good system going. Staff is super nice. Will keep going back!
    Maggie Boyle
  • Amber Schnitzius
    I utilized the consulting services offered by Yay Clay for help in business planning for expanding my studio. With Keith's expansive experience in the ceramics field and his transparent approach to problem solving, I was able to make a well-informed decision about next steps for my business. Highly recommend using these services if you're considering growing you ceramics business.
    Amber Schnitzius
    Rekindle Pottery

Ask about our rush firing service: Jump to the front of the firing queue with super quick turnaround times. $65 for this service on top of firing cost.

COVID-19 Update:

In an effort to minimize any risk of exposure for our teachers or patrons we will now be following a contactless drop-off system. When you sign up for your drop off time you will be given a door code for the building. All work to be fired can be left outside the studio door. Your container should be labeled with your name, the temperature or type of firing your work requires, a number you can be reached at and an email for invoicing. If you have any questions about firing services or our new drop off procedure, feel free to give us a call at the studio number!

Test Kiln Firing Rental

$25 per firing

  • Manual cone sitter kiln
  • Perfect for running glaze tests
  • Good for small loads of ceramic pieces
  • Can be fired up to Cone 6
  • Inside dimensions are: 12-3/8” diameter by 12” high with 2.5” brick, 2.7 cubic feet

L&L e28T-240 Bisque Kiln Firing Rental

$40 per full shelf, $65 half/$125 full

  • Digital Control Box
  • Fired to Cone 04 at least once a week
  • Can be candled or preheated to dry pieces (long candling may result in additional charges)
  • The inside dimensions are 28” diameter by 27” high with 2” brick, 10.2 cubic feet.

Skutt KM 1227-3 Glaze Kiln Firing Rental

$40 per full kiln shelf, $65 half kiln,$125 full load

  • Digital Control Box
  • Fired to Cone 6 at least once a week.
  • Can be candled or preheated to dry pieces (long candling may result in additional charges)
  • The inside dimensions are 28” diameter by 27” high with 3” brick, 9.9 cubic feet.

The prices indicated are for standard slow firing cycles. Any firings with special requirements such as ramp/ holds or customized program firings are subject to additional fees. For all glaze firings the pieces must be properly cleaned off on the bottom. If work is not properly wiped off, studio staff may need to clean the bottoms of pieces or stilt work to prevent items sticking to studio shelves. This may incur additional fees to cover labor costs. We will reach out by phone or email prior to taking any such action. Our standard turnaround time is 2 weeks. Rush orders can be accommodated for an additional fee.

By choosing to fire with YAY CLAY! you shall indemnify and hold harmless YAY CLAY! for any pieces that may crack, break, blister, explode or that may merit any unsatisfactory result. Furthermore, you may be responsible for any damage to our kilns cause by your pieces should they, melt, explode, or damage the kiln during an otherwise proper firing.