Get fired up for Clay Dates!

Clay Dates are 2-hour instructional wheel throwing classes, that will take you through all the steps to create your own piece on the potter's wheel. This is a one-day workshop. We’ll fire your pieces and four weeks later, voilà, your finished masterpieces will be ready for pickup. Or, if you prefer keeping your distance, we will gladly ship them to you, at an additional cost of $15 per piece. It’s totally your call. For bookings of 1 or odd-numbered groups, email us at

Below is a random sample of questions that tend to pop up during the scheduling process.


Can I eat out of my finished piece?

You certainly can. All works will be food, oven, dishwasher, and microwave safe.



Can I eat my finished piece?




How many glazes can I choose from?

On average we have around 20 studio glazes that rotate out as we update our recipies.



What kind of instruction should I expect?

The one-on-one variety from a member of our highly skilled staff.



Will there be a test?

Only if you want one. (Just joking)




You will begin by learning the basics of wheel-throwing (sorry, it doesn’t involve throwing actual wheels, for that, try the local dump) and of course, classic hand-building techniques to give you the manual dexterity required to get things rolling.

So now that your hands are covered in clay, you’re probably wondering, what do I make? Well, clayer, it’s up to you.

Studio favorites include mugs, jugs, bowls, dishes, trays, mortars, pestles, basins, receptacles, bins, jars, containers, small vases, paperweights, amorphous blobs, and even cups. You’ll have additional time to create even more elaborate works like mugs with handles, cups with saucers, or add other aesthetic attachments.

While inside the studio, feel free to partake in the free arcade section, lounge in the hanging chair (perfect for cat naps), or BYOB and enjoy a drink.

Once you’re done, your piece will be fired in a kiln (ceramic oven) and ready for pickup four weeks later. That you can schedule here.

Materials, smocks, aprons – whatever you need will be provided. If a little clay gets on your clothes, don’t worry, it comes right out with water. And if a little clay gets on your skin, think of it as a natural exfoliant. So dress comfortably and have fun.

All you need to bring is your beverage of choice and a positive attitude. We can't wait for you to join us in the studio.

See What Others Are Saying

  • David Gabrielson
    My girlfriend and I did the date night at Yay Clay. She’s new to throwing and I used to throw but have been out of practice. Our instructor was Danielle who did an incredible job and taking each person where they were and helping them walk away with a creation. Other date nights at clay studios often have people throw and sometimes they don’t end up with anything they can take home. That wasn’t the case here where everyone ended up with a piece thanks to how they organized the class. We had a fun time, it was a great space, and the staff are awesome. We both want to get in for classes now!
    David Gabrielson
  • Andrea McDonough
    My bestie and I went to Yay Clay! for a “date day”. We had a wonderful time. Everyone was so fun and nice. We really learned the basic fundamentals of working with clay. I would do this again in a heartbeat. Spend some self-care on yourself and friends. Go to Yay Clay! They will not disappoint.
    Andrea McDonough
  • Trinity A. Young
    I love this place this was my third time going and it will never get old. The energy is wonderful, you a greeted and met with warm and welcoming energy. A beautiful creative space and they have arcade games to play while you wait. great for a date night or for a solo trip. I highly recommend!
    Trinity A. Young
  • Hannah DeMarco
    Awesome date night experience! Danielle, our instructor, showed us the basics of throwing on the wheel and took extra time to guide us individually. My partner and I enjoyed getting to make our very own mugs, and I hope to go back for classes in the future.
    Hannah DeMarco
  • Group of women wearing clay aprons and posing in front of the Yay Clay studio door
    This place is so cool! We have a monthly girls' day out, and this was my choice. We booked a private party for 10 people and had the studio to ourselves. You can bring food and drinks, or have it catered. Our host/teacher Patrick was very friendly and helpful. Not to mention super skilled! Our experience at Yay Clay was great! I highly recommend this place for anyone really. It's a relaxing environment where you make a real piece of art from scratch. Starting with a ball of clay that you work into whatever you choose to make on a clay wheel, using water, your hands and a sponge basically. You are also able to add texture to your piece using a variety of tools. I can't wait to go again!
    Nora Taylor

All the completed work in these photos were done by first time guests who have never thrown clay before. With little help from our skilled staff, these are typical results you can expect to create from a YayClay! class.



For $599, you can get a lot of it, in the form of reserving the entire Yay Clay studio for one unforgettable date night. If you thought renting out a restaurant was romantic, think again. Here, we let you make the plates you eat from. What restaurant lets you do that? But if you prefer paper plates, you’ll receive a $50 gift card that’s redeemable at hundreds of local eateries.

One thing to note: this reservation is for 2 guests.
Should you want to add more people to the party, you might want to check out our private events page found here.

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