Frequently Asked Questions

1How long are the classes?
Regular classes are 2 hours long. Private events are 2.5 hours. 8-week sessions consist of 2 hour classes and include open studio hours throughout the week.
2Is there parking on site?
Yes, loads of free parking and also a gated parking lot as well.
3How do I sign up for a class?
You can sign up through the links on our scheduling page here->
4Can I take pictures/videos?
Yes. Photo and video taking are encouraged. Make sure to tag us @YayClay on social media.
5Do you offer a private 1 on 1 session?
Yes. We offer all types of individualized and personalized custom classes for each guest’s specific needs. If you are not seeing something you need/want to be offered, chances are we can accommodate you and find a teacher/instructor who specializes in your request and can help teach/assist you.
6Can I bring decorations for my private event?
Yes. Private events allow for time to set up/take down decorations before and after the class.
7Do you offer catering as an option?
Yes. When setting up your private event with your Yay Clay! coordinator, please discuss your requests and our coordinator can help provide this as an additional option.
8Do you have an audio/video setup available?
Yes. We offer complimentary audio/video packages as part of all yay clay experiences in our space. We offer a large 15ft diagonal projector/screen and use of our state-of-the-art audio equipment and steaming music.
9Can you fire this piece I made back in high school?
Yes, we can fire that piece you made a long time ago. Please contact us to talk about your options.
10I forgot about picking up my pieces and it’s been months, do you still have it?
We do not have the capacity to store work for months at a time. We have a 3 month period to pick up finished work. If it’s been more than this amount of time it’s almost certain your pieces have been recycled. If you know you won’t easily be able to make it back, please look into our shipping options we offer to get pieces mailed directly to you.
11Can I pick up finished work rather than have it shipped?
Finished work can be picked up 3 weeks after your initial visit. Please keep in mind, work cannot be stored for longer than a 3-month period.
12Do you offer an option to ship finished work?
Yes, we have the added option of direct shipping finished work to you. The price is $15 per piece.
13When do I get my finished piece?
Finished pieces will be ready for pick up 4-weeks after your 1st visit. You’ll sign up for your pickup on the day of your wheel-throwing class. We also can ship pieces directly to you after the work has been glaze fired.
14Do you sell supplies?
Yes. With our bulk discounts and strong rapport within the clay community, we can find and sell almost every part/piece within the industry including (clay, glaze, tools, kilns, kiln pieces, elements).
15Do you fix/repair kilns?
Yes. We have trained and skilled staff that will be able to handle all of your kiln/equipment repair needs. You can learn more about our repair services under studio services.
16Do you install kilns and/or set up new pottery studio spaces?
Yes. We have installed and set up many schools, home hobbyists, businesses. Our trained and skilled staff will be able to handle all of your needs.
17Do you repair broken pottery?
Yes. Our skilled and trained staff can help diagnose and help.
18Is there air condition/ heating in the space?
Yes. Our space is climate controlled and has both air conditioning and heating.
19Are the arcade games in the studio free to use?
Yes. All games in the space are free. Can you beat the high school of Pac-Man?
20Did I just see you on the news?
Yes. We have been featured on both CBS and NBC local news broadcast stations.
21Do you offer consulting services?
Yes, we offer consulting services for a wide variety of clients. From hobbyists looking to set up home studios to ceramicists opening a new business studio, we can provide years of insight and wisdom. More details can be found on our consulting page.
22Will you come out to our location for events/on-site demos?
Yes. We’re happy to take fields trips to you. We have hosted all types of pottery-related events. Want to make that birthday party extra special and have some pottery wheels and instruction? Want us to host your next Raku firing onsite with our portable Raku kiln? We offer tons of customized options.
23Are you on social media
Yes. We love our loyal fans and followers. Find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok @YayClay
24Where can I leave a review of my experience?
We love our loyal fans and followers. Google reviews are our top recommendation for guests to leave star ratings and pictures about their experiences. Yelp would be 2nd choice and facebook 3rd. Of course, word of mouth helps us grow tremendously as well, so keep telling your friends and family about your one-of-a-kind experience with us.
25Do you work with social media influencers?
Yes. We love collaborating with influencers. If you think we might be a good fit for each other please email us details with links to your social.
26I loved my experience and want to come back!
That’s amazing news. We want to see you back as soon as possible! Ask about our memberships and long-term class options to delve deeper into the clay-making experience.
27Are the pieces I make in the studio safe for food and beverage?
Yes. After being fired in our clay ovens, the food-safe, non-toxic glaze is applied. Pieces are food, oven, dishwasher, and microwave safe.
28Is there lead in your clay or glazes?
No. All studio clay and glazes are lead-free and food-safe when fired.
29Can I just show up or do I need an appointment?
We are an appointment-based studio and reservations are required to attend sessions. All reservations are booked through our online scheduling portal found here ->
30What are your hours?
We are typically in the studio from 10 AM-10 PM every day of the week, however, these are not set hours. We are an appointment-based studio and all reservations are booked through our online scheduling portal found here ->
31Is it BYOB? Can I bring food/beverages?
Yes. All classes and events may bring beverages. NOTE: You may bring only bring food if hosting a private event with us, as this will require additional time for proper time setup/clean up. We do not eat at or near the wheels.
32Do I need previous clay experience?
Nope. All skill levels are welcomed and encouraged. 99% percent of all new visitors to our space have never touched clay before.
33How hard is it to throw on the pottery wheel?
We strive to make the pottery-making experience as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Throwing does require skill and coordination and our skilled teachers will ensure that you come away making a piece you are proud of.
34I am not the least bit artistic, will I be able to make something, and is it going to be fun?
Yes. This is why we created this space, to make this form of art expression accessible to all. All skill levels will excel with our unique approach to pottery wheel throwing.
35I have long nails, will I be able to make pottery?
Yes. While longer nails do indeed make it more challenging to handle the clay, our skilled staff has tools and special training on how best to assist you in ensuring a successful throwing experience.
36What if we mess up on the wheel?
Mistakes happen, and often. So no worries. Our skilled teachers know exactly how to handle each aspect of the throwing process and can get you back up and caught up quickly.
37What can I expect to make on my first visit?
Realistic expectations are important for this answer. Don’t expect to make a huge ornate vase on your first try. Typical projects include coffee mugs, cereal bowls, ring dishes, smaller bud vases, plates, abstract vessels. Be sure to discuss your specific project goals with your teacher to help ensure proper creation.
38How much clay do we get to use during a Clay Date?
Typically, each guest will get between 2-3 pounds of clay to use per project. We find this is a good amount to start with for those that are new to wheel-throwing.
39Will I get messy or need to wear special clothes?
Yes, you might get a little clay on your clothes, but good news, it’s just mud and comes right out with a little bit of water. Will not stain clothes and we provide smocks/aprons to all guests to keep you as clean as possible.
40How clean is your workspace?
We take the safety of our staff and guests very seriously, which is why we pride ourselves on having one of the cleanest art studio spaces in the country. With clean air HEPA filters running, strictly enforced mopping and dusting schedules, and daily check-in/check-out cleaning checklists, this ensures an environment in which you can create in without having to worry about cleanliness.
41Do you offer long-term classes?
We currently have multiple 8-week sessions available to choose from. Please click here to see our options available or check out our classes here ->
42Do you offer memberships?
Yes. We absolutely love all of our members. Details can be found on our membership page.
43Do you offer work exchange or internships?
Yes. We sure do and we love our interns and work exchange students. All details can be found on our work exchange page.
44Do you rent out kiln space?
Yes. We offer many times of kiln rental. All details can be found on our services page.
45Do you offer bottle/glass slumping?
Yes. We can provide glass slumping services. All details can be found on our bottle slumping page.
46Do you offer Raku firings?
Yes. We offer raku firings and workshops. We can host private firings as well as group events.
47Do you take commission pieces or accept custom orders?
Yes. We take commission pieces and accept custom orders. Details about past clients and services we have provided can be found on our commissions page.
48Can I come/participate if I am pregnant?
Yes. The more the merrier. Give your little one a front and center So if you are throwing for 2 we welcome the fun exploration.
49Are children welcome?
Yes, children of all ages are welcome. Aren’t we all kids at heart anyway? If you do bring young children to the studio please be mindful of the fact that the kilns are often on and can reach temperatures in excess of 2300F. We put up a barrier with clear signage, but we still strive to be careful around the kilns.
50Can I bring my child?
Yes. We can create specific classes geared toward mommy/daddy and me clay experience. Wheel-throwing is best for children over the age of 6 but we've worked with children as young as 4.
51Do you sell Gift Cards?
We sure do; and they really do make the perfect gifts!
52I did not have a great experience, what should I do?
Oh no! We want to make things right! So please let us know what we can do to have made the experience better for you and how we can help. We are always striving to give our guests the best overall experience possible, and if we fell short, we want to know. Email, phone, or in-person comments/feedback is appreciated.
53Can I book a single seat or odd number of seats?
Yes. For bookings of 1 or odd-numbered groups, email us at