Work Exchange Program

The Work Exchange Program at YAY CLAY! is a self-directed, independent study, educational program that provides its participants with access to the shared studio, as well as, affordable materials, free firings, critiques and development opportunities to help them achieve their objectives as an artist. Participants will also have access to pottery wheels, slab rollers, extruders, glazes and tools. Participants are required to supply their own clay. The amount of time each individual puts forth each month into working for the studio the participant will receive equal time of free open studio. A minimum of 10 hours a month of support is required to be eligible for the work exchange program. Various tasks needed to maintain a functioning ceramics studio. Tasks are varied but some examples include studio maintenance and upkeep, customer service, assisting special events, glaze preparation, kiln operation, teaching, community outreach.

Applicants to YAY CLAY’S! Work Exchange Program should be ceramic graduates or artists interested in furthering their ceramic education and portfolio development. This is an incredible opportunity for artists to join a supportive educational environment while building their resume and portfolio.


A complete application must include the following:
  • Resume
  • Artist statement
  • Personal statement (tell us everything you want us to know about yourself including your reasons for applying to the program)
  • 5 digital images (.jpeg files at 72 dpi), with the image’s longest dimension not exceeding 700 pixels. Each image file should be labeled as follows: imagenumberyourfirstinitialandlastname.jpeg, Example: 1jdoe.jpeg, 2jdoe.jpeg, etc.
  • Corresponding image list that includes the following: image number, title, medium, size, and date.

There is no application fee. All applicants will be notified by email. Participation in YAY CLAY’S! Program begins as space is available.

Please email applications to or if you have further questions please contact us at (215) 716-7176