Keith can barely remember a time when clay wasn’t part of his life. Whether creating pottery, getting a Bachelor of Fine Arts, or his passion – teaching the art of pottery –Keith’s practically got clay in his blood. After earning his BFA in Ceramics at the Mason Gross School of The Arts at Rutgers University, Keith went on to receive his Masters in Fine Arts from University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Keith, a Montclair NJ native, has taught classes at his Montclair studio, at Riker Hill Art Complex, the Montclair Art Museum, and headed the afterschool Arts Elective program for the South Orange and Livingston school districts.

Fun facts about Keith:
  • Keith sold his first piece of art when a woman offered him $5 for the portrait he drew of her on a napkin. He was ten.
  • Keith’s instrument of choice? The Australian didgeridoo (a long piece of wood hollowed out by termites).
  • Keith’s quirky collection? Antique stereo-optic slides and viewers. He has over 3000.

Alex teaches pottery classes and pretty much makes things hum at Yay Clay! An Ohio native and graduate of George Washington University, Alex is an accomplished production potter who sells his pieces nationally. His work has been been featured in galleries in New Jersey and Philadelphia.

Fun facts about Alex:
  • At nine, Alex started selling custom made corsages
  • Though a lefty, Alex learned to throw pottery on the wheel in either direction so that he could teach all students
  • Alex’s quirky collection: taxidermied frogs playing musical instruments

Devin's practice has him working directly from nature- using naturally forming clay deposits and the world around him as inspiration. His work is predominantly focused on functional wheel thrown ceramics, often incorporating 'imperfections' in the work intentionally. Devin finds beauty in the broken and imperfect, therefore the unpredictable, and sometimes unintended outcomes, of a wood fire environment are perfectly suited to his style. His recent work focuses on ash based glazes and bare woodfired pieces.

Fun facts about Devin:

  • Devin owns a motorcycle spray painted in neon colors that he decorated himself
  • When Devin makes pots he likes to make them in a series so they don't feel lonely
  • During the 2020 shutdown Devin took up tattooing and has done over 30 on himself alone!

Originally from Lancaster, PA, Ollie graduated from Philly's own Temple University in 2017, with a BFA in Metals, Jewelry, & CAD/CAM. Despite taking pottery workshops with their mom and classes all through grade school, they didn't discover their passion for pottery until their last few semesters in college. For them, pottery is more of a joy and a way to decompress than a career; they do love to teach occasionally, however. Ollie is a freelance web designer and web manager. You can find their portfolio of case studies and get in touch with them at

Fun facts about Ollie:
  • Ollie's first foray into the studio was on a date; their teacher encouraged them to join the studio as part of the work exchange program and well... the rest is history.
  • A nerd at heart, Ollie draws a great deal of inspiration from video games and the intersection between digital mediums and organic forms
  • Ollie has a chonky cat son named 'Toonces the Driving Cat (The cat who could drive a car)'... he's the King of their apartment.
  • Ollie has a deep passion for human-centered design and seeks to create digital experiences that are beautiful, fun, and, most importantly, accessible.
  • Ollie loves craft beers and strongly recommends everyone check out Sacred Vice on the first floor of the Loom building (there's an elevator just outside of Yay Clay! that will take you right to it).