• Large Kiln: $125 (12-15 750ml bottles).
  • Great way to up-cycle those glass beer and wine bottles!
  • Please BYOB’S but make sure they’re completely free of labels, stickers, and moisture.
  • Molds can be used to shape slumped bottles into spoon rests and dishes, or you can simply slump glass bottles flat, directly on the kiln shelf to make trays. (Use of our molds is $5 per bottle).

We have a large variety of glass bottle slumping molds including small and large wine bottles, beer bottles, and double wine bottles. Here are some examples of the shapes you can make with our molds. Pricing is based on full kiln loads and not by the bottle, so if you can fit up to 100 smaller glass bottles in our kiln the price is still the same.

NOTE: All labels and stickers must be removed before bringing them to YAY CLAY! for firing. Bottles should also be completely dry and free of any moisture.

Want us to do all the work? We regularly ship our own unique slumped bottles directly to clients. We find the bottles, slump the bottles and ship the bottles directly to artisans. Pricing is based on uniqueness/rareness and size of bottles per order. Ask us about bulk shipping.