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Let us take the guess work out of the equation.

Thinking about setting up your own art studio? Creating and maintaining a thriving art studio is not an easy task. Keith Grabowsky (BFA, MFA, professional sculptor, teacher and business owner) works with private clients on a consulting basis to deliver the tools needed to get new creative studios off the ground. Keith’s expertise and coaching will be the best investment you can make! Available by the hour, day, or project. Call today at 215-716-7176 for a quote.

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  • Cornelia Kietzman
    Best kiln repair experience we've ever had! Quick, responsive, thorough, personable, reasonably priced, knowledgeable. I sent an inquiry and got a call back almost immediately, and service that same day! The next time I contacted them, they responded immediately, and provided service the next business day! We will always use Yay Clay kiln service from now on here at Outlaw Arts (
  • Maggie Boyle
    I’m an at-home potter and I’ve started firing my bisque and glaze wear at Yay Clay - super efficient, easy going, and affordable. I was at first concerned about organisation but as anyone who has worked in a pottery studio before knows, it’s usually chaotic, and Yay Clay definitely has a good system going. Staff is super nice. Will keep going back!
    Maggie Boyle
  • Amber Schnitzius
    I utilized the consulting services offered by Yay Clay for help in business planning for expanding my studio. With Keith's expansive experience in the ceramics field and his transparent approach to problem solving, I was able to make a well-informed decision about next steps for my business. Highly recommend using these services if you're considering growing you ceramics business.
    Amber Schnitzius
    Rekindle Pottery